I think I’ll probably plant something along with the zucchini and summer squash but I haven’t thought too much about that yet. Maybe some additional peas that will be finished before the other plants get too big.

The other 4′ light has been hung, so the seedlings are getting a better dose of the warm and cool ends of the spectrum. The onions are starting to sprout now, as well as a couple more of the broccoli seeds. I have a one or two broccoli seeds that did not germinate yet, and it has been a week now. Maybe I’ve got some duds that need to be replaced.


Based on the seeds I bought and some feedback I got a while ago, I redesigned the layout of the garden.


I think I’ve mostly addressed the previous issue of the trellises blocking the sun.  In reality, the long bed is centered to the two 4X8 beds. I just moved it over to the right in the drawing so I could fit the tomatoes better. The one thing I’m not sure about is the growing habit of the cantaloupe and watermelon.  Do they fill in thick?  Should I move the acorn squash somewhere else?  I can move the scallions over to the two empty spaces in the first full bed and slide the onions around to put the two acorn squash plants in the uppermost part of the second bed.  What do you think?  And if all is well as is, I’ve ended up with extra space…..what should I put in those spots?

I’ve spent way too much time creating a preliminary layout for next year’s garden.  Using spacing suggestions (more or less) from the SFG book, I’ve decided on what to plant.  Some will be started inside under grow lights, which will be set up this winter, and some will be direct sown.  Everybody take a look….


Hopefully it’s large enough to make out. Click on the image to enlarge.

Suggestions?  Am I putting things together that shouldn’t be together?  Note that some of these will be succession plantings, so they won’t all be ready for harvest at the same time.  The beans, lettuce, broccoli, and cauliflower in particular.  So not all the squares will be filled right away.