I’ve been sick in bed, wishing I could get outside to take pictures of the bean seedling explosion taking place today. I decided to check up on the blogs I follow, and I was stunned to find that my friend, Annie’s Granny, has chosen me as one of her picks to receive this beautiful award!


Thank you so much, Granny! I don’t get to update as much as I’d like to, and I’m new to the blogging game, so I’m very honored that you have chosen me. I will pass it along with pleasure! Of course, everyone that I read has I think been given one already. I’ll have to hand out awards when I’m feeling more coherent.

Since I don’t have any new garden photos (maybe tomorrow if I feel better and it’s not pouring outside), here’s a special one just for Granny, and her Annie.


That’s Marvelous Marvin, Annie’s long distance boyfriend, enjoying his favorite Harley Davidson blanket. And don’t ask me why we have that blanket in the first place…..we don’t have a motorcycle nor the desire to ever own one.