I regularly read a blog created by a man in Northern England. He has extensive gardens of varying kinds (raised beds, row gardens, poly tunnels….) and he grows giant onions for competition. I just noticed that he started a new section for his first attempt at growing long carrots for show. He posted some pictures of his friend’s past attempts:

He will be attempting to grow 4 footers! This guy reminds me of my grandfather in terms of coming up with ingenious contraptions to serve a specific purpose. He’s definitely got the brain of an engineer.

Here’s his setup for the carrots….bottomless carrot tubes!

I would encourage you to spend some time checking out the whole blog. He takes a lot of pictures of his gardens and the step by step processes he goes through from seed to harvest. Even though he’s in England he seems to have a similar growing season to mine, so I can actually follow along and know I should be following roughly the same schedule.