My tomato plants are looking really strong since potting up. They aren’t leggy at all, which must be because I’m able to adjust the lights to be right on top of them without touching. My husband’s idea of having 3 lights parallel to each other, and hanging the lights from long chains has worked out very well. Moving them up one link at a time, each side independent of each other, has allowed me to adjust them to keep almost all of the plants within an inch or so, whether they are in short seedling trays, 4″ high peat pots, or 6″ cups. I’ve really noticed that the growth spreads out instead of up, making the stems thicker and more sturdy. Here is a Sun Gold, for example:


And here is a BHN-624 cherry (catchy name, huh?):


And here’s a super hairy Bloody Butcher (which sounds disgusting when I think about it!):


I have a weird occurrence on one of my Red Knight pepper plants. the cotyledon leaves are all rusty looking. I don’t really see it on the true leaves, so I’m not concerned yet.


This is my other Red Knight plant, which doesn’t show the same discoloration, although the cotyledon leaf ripped. I think it happened when it was trying to shed the seed case.


There isn’t much to report out in the beds since my last post, except that all the peas are now starting to grow leaves. I think now that they’re roots are established I should start to see some upward growth. I can’t wait! Here is the line of peas on the right and some spinach on the left of the squares.


Things are falling into place, I think!