Both kinds of broccoli and cauliflower sprouted yesterday and have been going like gangbusters. A couple of the Dakota Tears seeds have just broken the surface today, and hopefully the Clear Dawn seeds will follow suit soon.

That's the Packman broccoli in the center row

That's the Packman broccoli in the center row and the Cassius cauliflower to its right.

Snow Crown cauliflower

Snow Crown cauliflower

I’m going out to get a second light tomorrow. I don’t know what I was thinking with just getting one.


Don’t worry, I’m not neglecting anything. Most of the slots are empty right now.

Am I right in thinking I don’t need to fertilize until the second set of true leaves develop? I can’t do much about that right now anyway, since the seaweed fertilizer is in the shed, and the doors are blocked by snow after our “surprise blizzard conditions” last night, according to the weather guy. How can a blizzard be a surprise to meteorologists???