I’ve been MIA again, after being sick with a cold for a week or so. I took advantage of my day off for Presidents’ Day by starting some more seeds. We have the lights up now, and I bought a heat mat because the basement is still too cold to leave the seedlings down there without any assistance. I also bought a Jiffy kit. I’d like to say I possess enough ingenuity to construct whatever I need from bits of things around the house, but I honestly just don’t have the patience. This first year of SFG I’ve spent more than I wanted to, but at least everything will be reused next year.

Anyway, I tossed the first round of seedlings because I couldn’t control the temps without the heat mat and started again. I started Fiesta and Packman broccoli, Snow Crown and Cassius cauliflower, and Dakota Tears and Clear Dawn onions. My long nails came in handy when separating and placing individual seeds. They were like tiny little shovels!

Like my high tech insulation system?