I felt like Navin Johnson yesterday when I got my mail.

The first catalog's here!  The first catalog's here!

The first catalog's here! The first catalog's here!

The 2009 Fedco seed catalog came!


I’ve spent most of the day perusing and selecting.  I’ve never had the printed edition, I’ve only browsed the online catalog for buying my garlic.  I have to say I’m very impressed.  At first I thought I would quickly lose interest because of its layout.  It is a newsprint catalog with ridiculously small print and black and white illustrations that are not of any specific variety.  But what it lacks in glossy color photos is made up for by the wealth of information.  In the first few pages I learned a lot about how they run their business, the standards they’ve set for their suppliers in terms of calling something “organic”, and what the economy has done to the industry.  They’re even upfront about the different types of places they get their seeds, from small local farms all the way up to companies that are known to engage in genetic engineering.  They label each seed listing with this information so you can make an informed choice about who you want to buy from.  They also list organizations you can join, seed saving programs, and sources to read up on genetic modification.   After spending time reading through the catalog it has made me want to make sure I check Fedco first for the varieties I’m looking for, ahead of other seed companies.  It is the type of company I’d like to support as much as possible.